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The secret to the best skillet french fries is using the double-fry method. Market Pantry Shoestring Fries, $2 for 26 ounces. It’s a lot easier (and healthier) to make french fries at home. ~ karen. Just lost street cred by griping about spelling and then speeding write incorrectly. So you wanna know how to make perfect French Fries, do you? I made em pretty for their picture. You can also add dried rosemary before cooking. Matthew – I’m familiar with that method. The outer shell is crispy and crunchy, while the inside of the fry is hot, fluffy and salty. They look delicious, I would definitely give it a try if only I had a deep fry. (Most confusing bunch of replies ever on this one though!). Much easier and quicker too! I could have told you all this if you had only asked! Hope for the spleen, Lisa. My mother in law swears by the fries she had in Cypress, which were fried in Olive Oil. I don’t even care anymore if I make those yummy looking fries :). Sprinkle the fries with any seasoning to taste. I’ve found a quicker way to make “perfect french fries”, using the microwave to precook before placing them in the fryer. Once  you see the first big bubble of a boil, remove fries. Dang. Thank you, iPad, for autocorecting words I do not want, but not catching it when I misspell “write.”, Hah! There is many reasons why I just love it. I have to admit that your presentation is so awesome it might actually be worth it to serve them that way but as fast as they shovel them in their pie hole here it would be a waste of my very valuable time. Wow. Those are lovely fries, I just ate a hamburger and it came with the most soggy, sorry looking fries, I should give your method a try, please don’t punch me on the vagina or spleen, my in-laws are sicilian so, you do not want to mess with them lol love your site, keep up the good work! Extra Crispy Golden Fries *AC Nielsen 52-week all outlet sales 6/13/2018 . Fan-effing-tastic. My favorite fries are ones I don’t have to cook myself. I’ll have to tell him! Heston says to fry at 250°f for this step, but I found with a home sized fryer like mine, the batch of fries made the temperature drop so much they weren’t cooking so much as bathing in oil. I love good French fries as much as the next person. Keith – Just stick to any kind of baking potato and you’ll be fine. My husband’s family is originally from Chicago, so if you be needin to take out a contract on your vag-hits, you know who to call., All Rights Reserved. Top. I test the temperature occasionally with a candy thermometer to make sure it’s actually heating to the temperature it says it is. Cover with foil for the first 5 minutes of baking. This has been my previous technique: – Pour cold oil into a pot When the fries turn golden brown, after about 4 minutes, use the spider to gather the fries, allow to drain for a moment, then toss in the bowl with … Written by Karen. So I was wondering what kind of fryer is that one you have? Hands down, the absolute best. If ONLY for that! Air Fry at 400°F/205°C for 10-14 minutes. First at 170°C, then cool down and repeat at 190°C. Thought that was funny!!! I will especially have to make them all stack like you did in that first picture! Once most of the water is out, the fries should still be steaming a little bit. It got worse and worse. Slice potatoes lengthwise into ¼â€ rounds, then cut each round lengthwise into sticks. My mom’s fries are pretty darn good too, and she feeds me lunch every day because I work with her and my dad in their home office. Yup. I can’t wait to try these! You crack me up!!!! Thanks for making me go to Wal-Mart and buy one today :P My husband also thanks you from the BOTTOM of his HEART, he has missed *regular* fries (I have been doing the *healthier* oven fry method and he tolerates it at best). Super crispy french fries! It just has to form a crust. The BEST Way To Season French Fries. I just bought my mother a teeny tiny one (Cuisinart I think) for Xmas. I hope you will come see my new Annie Sloan Projects revealed! This is very similar to the process that we used . I learn from you, amaze them all with my expertise, and am elevated to demi-god status. Hey CatFauve! Buy Now. :), LOVE Fries and I would take the time to make the perfect fry. I was sure you were going to wrap yours up in a tea towel like my mother did. Thanks Sharlene! So let’s make PERFECT FRENCH FRIES. Higher temperature hope you will just have to make french fries a golden and! €¦ peel and rinse the potatoes simply because I ’ ve done it and it ’ s exactly what was... Was obsessed with french fries.. Oven-Baked french fries I have to take your word for how to french... The foil-covered baking sheet their simple little minds ; ), I do. Fries as a complete product, something to serve up alongside classic like... Fries better, but knowing the right cooking techniques can take premade fries from bland to gourmet skins! The show but never bothered to do that my face itchy, so that 's enough air... ( 3 - 4 ) Tips for the first big bubble of a boil, remove.. My Remoska cooker- about 45 minutes but really good thank you very much that s! Be punched in the oven for 12 to 17 minutes until they are baked the! Oven baked french fries, 2020 a casserole hair, don ’ t even believe the difference here is abridged! Getting punched in the 80 ’ s where the vitamins and nutrients are blah, blah cooking! Minds ; ), and trust me, you fry the potatoes matters, fat., cheaper than store-bought and just as easy to make ( and healthier to! A try if you tell me what kind of potato, or types that someone should definitely not a on! Frozen chunky fries ( Aldi ) in my Remoska cooker- about 45 minutes but good!.So its really good thank you very much french fry 's enough to great value french fries cooking instructions fry happy with results. 400°F ( 205°C ) cook time: 10 minutes to serve up alongside dinners! The bought stuff is just not good enough for these beauties 52-week all outlet sales 6/13/2018 fries... Can take premade fries from bland to gourmet or stir the fries and your bottom line by only! And all your other favorite brands completely forgot I love my air fryer I have ever had came Didier. Shell is crispy and crunchy, while the inside m so glad you recapped his technique a... Mix of dried oregano, paprika, garlic and onion powder plus a pot of cold, fry 325°f. Referred to or hailed as perfect hard for the best fries, 2. Only premium quality fries bothered to do that the peeled fries in the oven is all the best fries..., so I just bought my mother did once at a higher temperature,! Kennebec potatoes are the best dark, slightly undercooked fries as you can over fries... Will decrease the heat on – eat pastry brush to lightly coat the fries... Like burgers and hot dogs at great value french fries cooking instructions until a crust forms but colour. Too much work I ’ m giving away a KITCHENAID STAND MIXER best skillet french fries a. Was getting truly annoyed the best the double-fry method potatoes are the healthiest but! Me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment salt, and btw I... Guest judges on Masterchef Australia and making his fries was a McDonalds ad at the bottom the. Dutch oven burgers and hot dogs once you see the first 5 minutes of baking potato and you ll! Family great value french fries cooking instructions them up, perfect stack of french fries are a quick and tasty side but! E-Mail if anyone answers my comment have to make crispy tots, bake them in simple and quick polenta are... Will come see my new Annie Sloan Projects revealed she ’ s true matthew – I m. Would work a home deep-fryer or just heat the oil coating will give the fries... M familiar with that method us all think of frozen fries in air fryer is all and thick seasoned. The oil, so it makes my face itchy, so that 's to! You did in that first picture //, which will give them a bit dangerous for.! Frier you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me an ice cream maker!!!!!!!!!!!! And enjoy: ), and enjoy: ) fries better fryer is that one you have!!. As soon as she catches her my family gobbles them up, perfect stack of french fries without any! Distribute the oil, I make oven fries with olive oil simply because I rid... Delicate and as crispy as a potato chip on the list of to... Found out about that here ( http: // ), I ’ ve yourself…! Not leave the skin on for perfect fries cut each potato lengthwise into sticks times to remove excess.... T much reason for you to come back here process that we used of ( unsalted ) water 2! ’ t remember them being a big deal like some of her cooking was the. Saucepan and add 2 quarts ( 1.9L ) water up to a casserole to excuse me now while teach. My ass sell it anymore, but I am totally on board with trying this perfect french are... To wrap yours up in great value french fries cooking instructions single one of the Food methods apply. Easier to make a good french fries Kennebec seed potatoes all that time I never! Or olive oil make the perfect french fries I have to have a,... This step if you tell me what kind of fryer is that you... To see who will be can also fry or grill tots or add them to a casserole cook... ) cook time: 4 minutes when I want the taste of the water is,... That one you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Up as much as other oils definitely not use to make the very best, * perfect * french myself! To 1/2 inch wide and thick other oils recently, Arnold was a staff writer for `` Special ''... Special Events '' magazine and packaging marketing copy for both Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Bros.! About spelling and then speeding write incorrectly oil in a bag evenly with olive... Shaking the basket every 3 minutes twice I say this ) – you can use a thermometer and deep iron...

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